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    Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)

    Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)

    A method of locating surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. It depends on the fact that when the material or part under test is magnetized, magnetic discontinuities that lie in a direction generally transverse to the direction of the magnetic field will cause a leakage field to be formed at and above the surface of the part. The presence of this leakage field, and therefore the presence of the discontinuity, is detected by the use of finely divided ferromagnetic particles applied over the surface, with some of the particles being gathered and held by the leakage field. This magnetically held collection of particles forms an outline of the discontinuity and generally indicates its location, size, shape, and extent. Magnetic particles are applied over a surface as dry particles, or as wet particles in a liquid carrier such as water or oil.

    The MT Level II course topics include:

    • The principles and theory of performing magnetic particle examination, and demagnetization

    • Characteristics of magnetic fields

    • Inspection materials

    • Testing equipment

    • The effects of discontinuities on materials

    • Magnetization by means of electric current

    • Selection of proper magnetization methods

    • Demagnetization procedures

    • Operations and description of equipment

    • Types of discontinuities

    • Indications and interpretations

    • Evaluation techniques

    • Quality control of equipment and processes

    • Reporting & recording