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    Electromagnetic Testing (ET)

    Electromagnetic Testing (ET)

    Electromagnetic Testing (ET), as a form of non-destructive testing, is the process of inducing electric currents or magnetic fields or both inside a test object and observing the electromagnetic response. If the test is set up properly, a defect inside the test object creates a measurable response.

    The ET Level I course topics include:

    • Principles and theory of performing eddy current testing, including electromagnetic theory, coil impedance, signal-to-noise ratio, test frequency coupling and field strength

    • Types of sending elements

    • Inspection parameters

    • Readout equipment and their operation, calibration and maintenance

    The ET Level II course topics include, Level I topics and:

    • Coil impedance, signal-to noise ratio

    • Test frequency

    • Coupling

    • Field strength

    • Instrument design considerations

    • Techniques and applications including user standards and operating procedures and inspection techniques

    • Review of relevant discontinuities

    • Calibration techniques

    • Interpretation and evaluation of result