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    Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Auditing Services

    We offer superior NDT auditing services which includes decidedly competent review of your NDT systems, procedures and personnel. MSPEC implements purpose oriented NDT methods and techniques which are executed in a user interactive manner. By outsourcing your NDT auditing to us, you can benefit from our expertise and years of auditing experience in a wide range of industry sectors

    Audit services include:

    • Certifying compliance with applicable industry codes, standards and regulatory requirements

    • Verifying whether correct NDT techniques are being used

    • Ensuring use of purpose serving consumables, equipment and calibration blocks

    • Preparation, review, development and endorsement of documents

    • Verification of personnel’s NDT qualifications and assessment

    • Interface with clients as needed to discuss and resolve issues of concern

    • Dispute Arbitration

    • project, planning & commissioning of new NDT facilities at customer locations